*Additional ticket required between Shinonoi and Nagano, which is on JR line(except JR PASS holder) .
※JR線 篠之井至長野之間需另購車票(JR PASS 所有者除外)。

  • Can be purchased at any Shinano Railway ticket counter.
  • Present your “JR EAST PASS(Nagano, Niigata area)” at the counter, at point of purchase.
  • The ticket must be purchased on the day of use.
  • Payment must be in cash only.
  • 可在信濃鐵道各站窗口購買。
  • 購買時,請出示 “JR EAST PASS(Nagano, Niigata area)”。
  • 請在利用日當日購買。
  • 只限現金支付。
  • Show the BANZAI 2-DAY PASS to station staff when getting on the train.
*When there are no station staff, just get on/off the train with BANZAI 2-DAY PASS.
  • 上下車時,請向車站工作人員出示萬歲PASS 2日乘車券。
※由于時間段的不同,也有車站工作人員不在的時候。車站工作人員不在的時候,就請拿著萬歲PASS 2日乘車券上下車。
1888 on BANZAI PASS indicates the year that Shinano Railway started operation at Nagano, Shinonoi, Yashiro, Sakaki, Ueda, Tanaka, Komoro, Miyota and Karuizawa stations. In commemoration,1888 is used on the ticket design as a symbol mark.
BANZAI is the word and action to congratulate on longevity and long-lasting prosperity. In practice, people raise both arms as they shout BANZAI ! In Nagano prefecture, the local culture is to call BANZAI three times as a group, to close a social event.
萬歲就是指祝福長壽和持久繁榮的語言和動作。一邊說萬歲,一邊向上方伸出雙臂。在長野縣,作為各種活動的結束形式,有三呼萬歲的地域文化 (習慣)。

Introduction of Shinano Railway trains

Shinano Railways and Taiwan Railways Administration signed an agreement on March 26, 2018, to make Tanaka station sister stations as both lines have the same station name.

Taking this opportunity, as part of this exchange project, type 115 train of Shinano Railway has been painted in the image color of Tze-Chiang Limited Express, which is EMU100 type train of Taiwan Railways Administration, and started operation on Nov. 15, 2018, between Karuizawa and Myoko-Kogen stations.

In fact, Shinano Railway has other 115 type trains in various other body colors!

以此為契機,作為交流事業的一個環節,把在信濃鐵道運行的115系電車顏色塗為在臺灣鐵路管理局作為“自强號”運行的“EMU 100型電車”的相似顏色,從2018年11月15日開始在輕井澤站~妙高高原站之間運行。



▲“1st Nagano”Color

▲“Shinano Railway”Color